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Balloons in Silhoutte Guiness in Cans Balloon 1990 KRT Digital Sport was originally started back in the mid 80's as KRT Video Productions, filming Weddings, Marching Jazz Bands and Autograss (cars), and filming on Super-VHS video tape. We also had the oppotunity in 1990 to film the Bristol Balloon Fiesta for Brunel Classic Gold (part of the 'GWR' radio network, now 'Heart' radio) and in association with the Guinness in Cans promotion. But, unfortunately in 1993 we dicided to close down KRT Video Productions due to the fact that camcorders became very popular, and everyone thought they could do it themselves? (and save a little money, no doubt). There was also a little thing called a 'Recession' that didn't help either. Yes, we've had a few!

Grass Roots Balloon Meet 2012 David Hathaway Transport Balloon in Switzerland

Anyway, it took 'joe public' awhile to realise that watching an event, whilst trying to film it, wasn't that much fun, and nor was the editing afterwards. So we started back up again in 2002, by popular demand, now as KRT Digital Sport. This time with Broadcast Quality Cameras. Not only filming the Marching Jazz Bands and Autograss, but now even more events, such as Grasstrack Racing (motorbikes), and of course, our favourite, the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, in 2010. This time for a local company in Yate, Bristol, David Hathaway Transport, and happily, each year since.

Plus other Hot Air Ballooning Events, the Icicle Balloon Meet in Wiltshire and the Grass Roots Balloon Meet in Bedfordshire.
Happy Days!

Thank you to our sponsors.

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